Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities



Status  Posted Closing Date Tender Description
CLOSED March 02, 2023 March 19, 2023 Academy Staff Coach
OPEN April 01, 2023 April 15, 2023

Game Day Manager


April 05, 2023 April 15, 2023 U13-18
Competitive Coaches
 Volunteering and Coaching
Volunteering Click here for details on volunteering opportunities at Ottawa TFC.  To fill in a volunteer application, go to your account.  Select Volunteer Now! from the left menu bar and choose the season you want to volunteer for. 
Coaching  If you are interested in coaching with the club at either the competitive or recreational levels, please visit the coaches corner for more information. 

For inquiries, please contact: Pavel Cancura - gm@ottawatfc.com