Annual General Meeting 2021

Hello everyone.  This is a reminder that we will be hosting our AGM on Zoom.  The meeting will be open as of 5:30PM in order to check everyone in so we can start right at 6:30PM.  You will be receiving a Zoom link if you are a member in good standing with the Club.


We will be using Simply Vote as our tool for any votes that will be required during the meeting.  The rule for voting is one player = one vote.  If you have more than one child playing at the Club, your vote will be multiplied by the number of votes you are entitled to.    You may receive a test email from Simply Vote before the AGM.  Please take the time to respond to the email so that we can be sure that your vote will be counted.


Due to COVID-19, our soccer year was not very active, therefore the AGM will not be as complete as in previous years.  We will be covering the following items:


  1.  Quorum

  2.  Approval of 2020 minutes

  3.  Board of Director's Report

  4.  General Manager's Report

  5.  Treasurer and Auditor's Report

  6.  Appointment of Auditors

  7.  New Business

  8.  Election of Board members - candidates' profiles will be emailed to you mid-February

  9.  Other Items

  10. Next Meeting


Please note:  If you wish to add an item under New Business, please send your request to by no later than February 12th.


We look forward to seeing you at the AGM!