Annual General Meeting 2017



Ray Friel Center - Programs Room (Upstairs)

7:00-9:00 P.M.

* OUR SEASON IN REVIEW: President, Terry Vida will review CUSC’s progress on its strategic priorities and key accomplishments.


* FINANCIAL REPORT: Treasurer, Nicole Hegge will present a full account of our Club’s finances and how your money was spent during the season.


* TECHNICAL REPORT: General Manager, Pavel Cancura will share details of our highly successful season through the eyes of the players, coaches, referees and his view from the bench.


* ELECTIONS: Nominate a member and cast your vote for the following positions:

8 Vice-President

8 Secretary

8 Director, Marketing and Communications

8 Director-at-large

8 Treasurer


Please send your resume and a brief note expressing your interest to run for one of the above-mentioned positions to: by no later than November 21, 2017 in order to have your candidacy included in the information package to members.


8 Join the board in saying farewell to coach Stan Rozbud who is returning to the Czech Republic to start the next exciting phase of his life and career.

8 Welcome New Coaches, Tania Singfield and Raz El-Asmar to the Club and learn about their experiences and accomplishments and what they have in store for our players and our Club!