Tender Notice

Volunteer Screener Position for 2015


The Cumberland United Soccer Club (CUSC) is currently seeking an individual to fulfill the part-time position of Volunteer Screener to be completed by or around the end of June 2015.

Those interested in applying for this position must submit an application demonstrating their qualifications by March 3, 2015, to the following email address: 


Job Description:

  • The primary objective will be to work with the Vice-President to ensure the OSA volunteer screening process for reference checks are followed. This is necessary due to the nature of various volunteer jobs where directly working with our competitive players is called for.
  • Another objective will be to track the OSA requirements for certain volunteer positions such as coach, assistant coach and managers in the competitive stream such as coach qualifications and police checks.

Duties include:

  • Working with the Vice-President to ensure all of the volunteers that require reference checks have properly submitted their 3 reference names.
  • Contacting all of the references that have been supplied and conducting the reference check interviews, using the questionnaire provided.
  • Contacting the volunteers in the competitive stream to determine/verify their coach qualifications/police checks and recording this on a spreadsheet.
  • The Volunteer Screener will be required to search the CUSC database and personally verify with ALL competitive coaches, assistant coaches, and managers their mandatory OSA qualifications such as coaching courses taken, police checks, reference checks, RIS and MED.
  • The Volunteer Screener will submit an initial report detailing all data and the gaps in qualification data to the Competitive Director and Vice-President by April 15th and subsequently every two weeks until such time as all qualification requirements are completed.
  • This position requires that all references be properly checked at coach selection time. As the season begins in May, this work is to begin immediately after appointment and must be completed by June 1st.

Expected Time Commitment:

  • Based on past experience, about 4-5 reference checks can be done per hour, taking into account that more than one phone call is sometimes required to reach the referral. Evenings and weekends are generally the best time to reach people. 
  • The Volunteer Screener can anticipate completing approximately 50 reference checks.

Reporting to:

  • CUSC Vice President


  • A responsible individual who demonstrates strong organizational skills;
  • At least 18 years of age; and
  • Good communication skills.


  • $1,500 (1/2 of which is payable on May 31, 2015 and the balance upon completion and approval of such by the board) 




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