Team Managers Guide 2020

Updated October 2019


       Manager Coordinator Contact

       TeamSnap Account

       Volunteer Profile

       Mandatory Certifications for Team Staff

       Team List/Team Roster Report (TRR)

       Player cards




       League games

       Exhibition games


       Travel Permit Application (ATF)

        Booking a Hotel





Thank you for volunteering!  Your contribution will help kids get the most out of their soccer experience. Team managers are a valued member of the team. The job of a Team Manager is to provide administrative services to coaches and parents so that the players can play at the right time, at the right place and with the right attitude!  This online guide was created to ensure you have all the information and contacts to assist you in running a successful season.

Please keep in mind that with the ongoing changing of policies and procedures from our club, district association (Eastern Ontario District Association, EODSA) and Ontario Soccer, the information in this online guide will be updated as required.  It provides the basis for managing a competitive team.

If you have questions at any time, please don't hesitate to contact the Lead Manager (Competitive and Academy) at We are here to help!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not contact EODSA or leagues (ERSL, etc.) directly, unless specifically instructed to, as the club may be fined.


Please read through the entire guide to gain a better understanding of your responsibilities.  

  • Manager Coordinator Contact
  • TeamSnap Account
  • Volunteer Profile
  • Mandatory Certifications for Team Staff
  • Team List/Team Roster Report (TRR)
  • Player cards

Manager Coordinator Contact

Your first step once you have agreed to become a Team Manager is to establish contact with the club Manager Coordinator at Please be sure to include team information and coaches names in your email.  This will ensure your contact is added to the distribution lists for information throughout the season.  This mailbox should be your primary contact with the club after your coach, unless otherwise noted. A good practice to establish on your team is to ensure that communication to the club starts with one contact versus the coach sending an email to one contact and the manager another.  This avoids creating extra work and confusion for all parties.

TeamSnap Account   

The club provides Teamsnap accounts to all Competitive and Academy teams.  This is a very useful scheduling and communication tool to help manage your team activities. Please contact and the manager coordinator will have your Teamsnap account created and you should see it appear in your teamsnap account. Once your Teamsnap account is created you can use this tool to add your players and coaches.  Your coach will provide your team list and contact emails. Teamsnap will be used to notify your players/coaches of games, practices and other events.

Volunteer Profile

As a team manager and volunteer, you will receive a credit for your work once the season is over, but you MUST register as a volunteer first. When you register your child for soccer, you will have the option of completing the volunteer profile. ONLY after you complete this profile will you be eligible for a credit.

Managers, please encourage all your volunteer bench staff to complete the volunteer profile by providing them with the instructions at the following link:

Mandatory Certifications for Team Staff

There is also another important reason for creating a volunteer profile. As team manager, your name should appear on the Team Roster Report (TRR) and game sheets. Your name can only appear once you have an Ontario Soccer Association number, which is given to you when you complete a volunteer profile. There are a few more steps to complete as Team Manager, as found in the Team Staff Mandatory certification requirements document: These requirements are mandated by Ontario Soccer and there are specific requirements for coaches and team managers.

They consist of the following:

  • Valid police check
  • References
  • MED (Making Ethical Decisions) course
  • RIS (Respect in Sport) course
  • Making Head Way course (optional)

Information and instructions to complete the above mentioned requirements are located at the following link:

Team List & Team Roster Report (TRR)

Players can’t be added to Team Roster Report (TRR) until they have paid all of their registration fees (or made payment arrangements). Managers can also let parents know that financial assistance programs are available if needed.  Generally, the player will have signed up and paid the base competitive fee prior to open tryouts, but once accepted into one of the competitive programs (Competitive or Academy) additional program specific registration fees will apply.  The TRR document is proof that your players and team staff are registered (insured) for that specific season. Leagues, festivals and tournaments will require this document.

It is very important that you register your team as soon as possible. Once you have a list of players from your coach, you should send an email out to parents reminding them to register their kids and pay the registration fees. The next step is to complete a Team List form and send it to Make sure you include your name, the coach, any assistant coaches, treasurer and equipment manager. The link for the form is provided below: http://www.

Once your team is registered in the database, you will receive a TRR. This form contains all of the information you will need for your team to register for festivals, tournaments, applying for Travel Permits or Applications to Host Exhibition Games (AHEG), including:

  • Team Name
  • Player and Team Staff OSA# - listed under Membership ID.

EODSA Player Card

Each player requires a player card. It is standard practice that the manager holds onto the player cards and all age groups apply for a card U9+.  Make sure you check the expiry date and that the OSA# of the players and team staff matches the TRR. Player cards are mandatory in U13+ league games and tournaments.  U11-U12 can do out of province tournaments and these cards will be required. Players can’t apply for a player card until they are on a TRR for the season. Once you receive the TRR, players can start the process of applying for their cards.  The player must complete an application. Remind parents to read the instructions on the page as it provides useful information about cropping of the pictures. The link is listed below:


General Meeting

A general meeting is held shortly after the upcoming season’s evaluation process is complete. The meeting is divided by age group, which allows for the dedicated coaches to attend. The Club Head Coach provides an overview of the vision, objectives and priorities for the soccer Club. This is an excellent opportunity for you to gain a better understanding of how the Club works and what it strives to accomplish. It is also the perfect place for you to ask questions because most of the coaches and support staff attend.

Team Meeting

The last half of the general meeting is always set aside for individual team meetings. We know that parents commit a lot of time to sports for their kids and we respect their commitment. You are a case in point. We don’t want to abuse it! Therefore, it is important that your team meeting be organized and that it start and end on time. The coach will take a few moments to introduce himself/herself. Present yourself and any other team staff, if you have already selected them. Take a moment to have all parents introduce themselves. This may be the only formal team meeting you have during the season so take advantage of it! You can use the agenda template as a guide for your meeting. It can be found at the following link:

Documents parents must submit to Team Manager:

-The Code of Conduct is no longer done at the Team Manager level.  The Code of Conduct is signed at time or registration.

-The Medical Information Sheet serves to provide managers and coaches with valuable information about any medical conditions that a player may have. This form must be completed by every player. You and your coach can keep an electronic copy. In this way, the information is available whether the player is at a practice or a game. You can find the form at the following link:

Other Team Staff volunteers

Each team requires a Treasurer and Equipment Manager. Some managers choose to take on one or both of these duties. Please do so at your own risk! Make sure that these positions are filled as soon as possible.


The Treasurer is responsible for managing all funds related to the team. This may include writing cheques for tournaments/festivals, equipment expenses and team building events. The treasurer is also responsible for collecting all funds for these activities. Most teams set up a bank account. In order to do this, the Treasurer must request a form letter from Club to provide to the bank. To request the form letter send an email to with the  following information:

  • Name of the account you want to open: E.g. OTFC OPDL 2006 girls or OTFC Red 2005 boys. Naming with year versus age level allows you to keep the account for many years and only have to change the signing authorities.
  • Signing authorities: List the full names of the people (minimum of two) who will have signing authority and their team position (signatories should be part of the team staff).


The Treasurer will need to account for  team specific expenditures such as tournaments, etc.  Once these costs are finalized, you can announce to the parents how much  the treasurer will be collecting per player for team fees. Overestimating is always a good practice because extra money is always needed for unplanned events such as a team fine, extra costs during tournaments, etc.

Consideration should be given to:  

  • Tournaments
  • Team building events
  • Bank fees (there are some banks that offer community accounts without charges)
  • Equipment (bench, tent, etc.)

Budget and actuals are to be submitted to the competitive director 30 days after end of season. The team manager is responsible to deliver this to the competitive director within 30 days of the end of the season. You can send your information to <to be updated>. You can access the Expenditure Report at the following link:

Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager is responsible for obtaining the equipment bag and balls from the Clubhouse at the beginning of the season. This position is also responsible for setting up the field for all home games. This includes setting up the flags to mark the field, setting up the nets and providing a game ball.  Equipment bags can be picked up at the clubhouse during equipment hours:

Teams will be require a postdated cheque in the amount of $250.  This amount includes your equipment bag deposit and bond fee. The postdated cheque will only be deposited if the equipment has not been returned and as well if the team is issued fines from their league (that haven’t been paid).  If the team has no issues with fines and returns their equipment then they will get their postdated cheque back.


Before you can prepare a uniform order, you must have a unique number for each player.  The team manager should organize this before players place their uniform order. Each player must have the following:

Home uniform: red jersey, red shorts and red socks
Away uniform: white jersey, red shorts and white socks
Practice uniform: grey training shirt*, red shorts and red socks

*additional grey training shirts available for purchase at clubhouse during equipment hours

**white shorts are only required for OPDL teams and/or requested by the coach

Players can also purchase Club apparel such as a backpack, rain gear and track pants. The uniform and all apparel can be ordered by parents, online with Evangelista Sports at the following link

Uniform main page:


Teamsnap will become your best friend! Both practices and games should be entered into this application as soon as you receive the information. An email should be sent to parents and players letting them know that they can access Teamsnap for the schedules.


You will either receive your practice schedule via the website or your club staff coach to the team coach/manager.  Your priority is to enter the practices in Teamsnap so that parents and players can plan ahead. Remind parents and players to update their availability for practices. If you need any assistance with TeamSnap you can email  

League Games

The game schedule and rules are unique to each league. It is extremely important to read the emails provided by the Lead Manager (club) and the league you are participating in.  We/they will send LOTS of emails regarding your responsibilities to understand the policies, procedures and account activation. You will be required to read league instructions and watch webinars.

Some commonalities amongst most leagues:

  • Do not contact league directly, unless specifically directed to by the league.  You can contact the Lead Manager at to ask your questions and they can contact the league on your behalf or direct you of the correct procedure.
  • Only players/team staff listed on your TRR can be added to league site.
  • Gamesheets will be printed from the league system (no handwriting on gamesheets, unless specifically told you are allowed to).  Try not to leave printing your gamesheets to the last minute.
  • Game reports to be completed after game with a certain timeframe to complete.
  • Call-up rules will differ from each league.  Please ensure you understand the rules around which players you can call up, the process ensuring they are eligible to play for your game and the amount of times they can play up.  Generally, a Play Up Permit is required and needs to be approved by the club before their name can show up as an option for your gamesheet. Try not to leave Play Up Permits to the last minute.
  • Player cards are required for U13+, You do not need to show cards if your team is aged U8-U12; however, it is still good practice to have the cards on hand. Team staff also need to have OSA ID Cards (player cards).

Exhibition Games

The club or your coach may arrange for your team to play in exhibition games. Sometimes the field and referee are already arranged by the club. Sometimes you will be required to pay the referee cash at the field.  If this is the case, it will be communicated to you prior to the game. If you need to book a field, contact: If you need to arrange a referee, contact:

The district previously gave blanket authority for two inter-district teams playing each other. Now you must apply for an Application to Host Exhibition Game (AHEG) if you are the hosting team.  AHEGs are completed at the following website: If you are a new user you will need to click on Register and if you are an existing user you will need to click on Login. 

When you have completed your AHEG application please email the club at & and let them know you have applied for an AHEG and provide the AHEG #.  Please keep in mind that depending on the opponent you may need 2 or 3 levels of approval. An exhibition game sheet from each team is always required for an exhibition game with a referee.

Exhibition Games procedures:

AHEG approvals:

  • Inter-district/Ontario team - Club and District approval
  • Other Canadian team (Out of Province) - club, district and OSA approval, submission timeline 10 days
  • Team from outside Canada - club, district, OSA and Canada Soccer approval, submission timeline 21 days

Exhibition game sheets  

You can complete it either on the computer or hand-write*.:

*Note that league game sheets DO NOT allow handwriting


As part of the Ontario Soccer League’s (OSA) long-term player development vision, teams aged U8-U12 can only participate in festivals, with U11-U12 granted less restrictions.  Some teams are permitted to attend memorable events, which may include a tournament. Please see Section 8, procedure 16.0

Teams aged U13-U19 can participate in tournaments.

The Ontario Soccer Association has an automated Competition and Travel Management System (CTMS). This system will be used for travel permits, tournament and festival applications and international transfer applications. You can access this system at If the tournament is outside of the city, you must request a travel permit. Once you know which tournament your team will be participating in, complete the travel permit. DO NOT wait until the 11th hour to complete it. Everything you need for filling out the travel permit form is on your TRR. If your tournament is outside of the province, you will need a “Permit to host a tournament” or “sanction certificate” provided by the tournament organizers at their tournament website.  

Teams travelling outside Canada and the U.S.A. Documents that must be included with the ATF as attachments:
-A copy of documents containing information about and proof of sanctioning of the competition.
-The tournament rules, received from the tournament host and/or exhibition game host.
-Applicable accident/injury/illness medical travel insurance.

See Ontario Soccer rules for additional information

Travel Permit Application (ATF)  

  • First, you must create a login. Once you create an account, send an email to & to have your account approved.
  • Complete the Travel Permit Form (ATF).
  • Notify the Club ( & that you entered the ATF online.
  • You can now track your application using your login.
  • Club official will review the application and approve through CTMS and sends to District, for approval.
  • District will approve application through online system.
  • You will receive an email confirmation, once the application is approved.  You can print the approved application.

Booking a Hotel

While you are waiting for the travel permit, you should book the hotel. Most soccer tournaments have already made arrangements with nearby hotels. Check the tournament website first or speak with the tournament coordinator to see if such an arrangement has been made. It will save you a lot of time! Most hotels have an event coordinator who specializes in booking large groups and sports teams. Deal with this person so you get a special rate for rooms.



Please review the Fundraising Policy that can be found on the website under Documents and Policies. This policy outlines activities that are considered "pre-approved". Activities that do not fall under the "pre-approved" category MUST be approved by the club. If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to contact the club with your fundraising inquiries. All marketing and promotional materials used for fundraisers MUST be approved by the club.

Should your team wish to participate in any fundraising event, pre-approved or not, the club kindly asks that a team representative fill out a Fundraising Application Form found and downloaded from the Ottawa TFC website at the link below.
 This allows for the club to be up-to-date on all external activities that include the Ottawa TFC brand to ensure that the club is being represented well. Below is the link:

For any further questions and all fundraising inquiries please contact


For further details contact


Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association

Ontario Soccer

East Region Soccer League

Ontario Player Development League (OPDL)

EODSA League

Coliseum League

Competition and Travel Management System



How come a former player or your old teams schedule is showing up in their phone calendar (despite not being on the current TeamSnap roster)?

This question is often asked why someone's old team is still showing up in their calendar.  They need to remove the subscription to on their phone to that calendar. Instructions for various phone platforms:

Team administrators can set a cut-off time for when availability status changes can be submitted. Doing so will prevent members from setting or updating their availability within the time frame before the game or event that is entered. Here's how:

Please email with any suggestions and/or updates you would like to see on this page.