U13-U18 Virtual Training

U13-U18 Virtual Training

U13-U18 Virtual Training

This program puts players through a program that develops their technical skills with the ball, their strength and coordination, and fitness/running.  Players work live, with their team or training group under the guidance of our Academy coaches, through a full workout.  They can interact and see each other training, see exercises demoed on video or by the coach who leads them through the workout. Coaches correct form as needed, and at times the players even lead one another through pre-determined exercises overseen by the coach.  Each sessions is roughly 60 minutes long, and includes a technical portion, a physical portion (strength/stretching) and a fitness run (prescribed, tracked on their phone, and submitted to the coach at the end of the session). The program is fun, incredibly beneficial, and more than worth the time to do. 

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Program Information:

Once weekly training under the tutelage of Ottawa TFC coaches.  Full teams or groups of 15-20 train together, working through sessions that include technical, physical and fitness modules each session.

What you need to participate:
  • 2 to 3 meters of space (marked out by 4 markers… cones, or shoes, or socks or whatever 4 markers you want)
  • A phone or tablet or laptop through which you will login into the virtual session (must have a camera so that the coach can see what you’re doing as we work). 
    • You need the Zoom application installed on the device you are using (laptops only require the zoom link and the meeting ID)
  • A phone with the Nike Running App installed on it so that when we go run you can track your run. 
  • A ball
  • Water
  • A workout matt (if the floor you’re working on is not good for strength work like abs/plank, etc). 
  • A great attitude :)
  • Your setup should look something like this with your camera showing the coach exactly what the picture below shows:

Training Dates and Schedule

Training days and times differ between groups.




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