U6-U8 Soccer Program - East Campus

Last Edited: April 2020

U6-U8 Program Description

East Campus

At this stage, individual player development is paramount. Coaches and teachers stimulate a learning environment where the atmosphere is "Freedom and Fun."  As coaches, our aim is to produce what we've come to call "Soccer Ninjas":  kids who can run, jump, sprint, roll, spin and move with grace and precision, while also being comfortable with a ball at their feet. 

All sessions are run using Ontario Soccer's preferred player development model, where the kids move between skills exercises and small sided games on a rotational basis.  This maximizes their concentration, their touches and development on the ball, as well as their enjoyment of each session. 

Young players looking for some extra touches and training each week are also invited to register register for the U5-U8 Soccer Ninjas program.  This program includes extra technical development session each week, run by the club's technical staff and our best youth technical coaches.  U7-U8 players can also continue into the Jr Academy program which goes 3 times per week in total. 

Click here for a detailed overview of the U5-U8 program format.

 Program Details

Soccer Age:

All U6-U8 Players. Players are grouped by age and gender into teams/training groups.

  • U7-U8 players MUST attend the spring pre-season festivals described below, which help us to properly balance teams. Details below. 

U6-U8 EAST Campus:

Friday nights @ Millennium Park at 6:30pm.

Please note that we also offer a parallel program at our Central Campus for those who live closer to the Gloucester area.  The central campus runs on Friday nights at Pineview Park.  Players should register for the program that is closer to them geographically. 

Season Length: Early-July to End-August (8 weeks)

3v3, 4v4 or 5v5 game play and training.  Players alternate through 4 stations each week, moving between skills exercises and small sided games every 15 minutes. 

In order to have all of the kids playing as much as possible, and maximize their touches on the ball, we form games of 3v3, 4v4 or 5v5 as necessary on any given week.  Whatever is needed to keep the kids playing and active while they are at soccer.

Click here for a more detailed program overview.

Weekly Commitment:

Sessions are approximately 45 minutes in length, but plan for about an hour at the park with transitions and snack.

Extra Training Opportunity: 

  • Players have the option to join the U5-U8 Soccer Ninjas for an extra night of soccer each week with our Academy coaches.
Important Dates:

Click here for your team's detailed Schedule*

*detailed schedule becomes available in early July. 

Late June 2020

  • All players will be contacted by their team coach.
  • Team schedules released

Begining of July 2020

  • First day at the park: Meet and greet at the field - players receive uniform and ball and play short games (this is a shortened session specifically designed to meet the team and coaches and receive the uniforms and ball)

Early July 2020

  • First full session - Season starts 

July 31, 2020

  • Mid Summer Break - no soccer

August 21, 2020

  • Last day of soccer   

Note: The 2020 Summer Recreational fees have been reduced to reflect the shorter season and different uniform options (details to be determined)

Player Registration Fee:

  • Reduced Season: $100

Non-volunteer fee: $30 per family (mandatory fee, refundable after volunteering)

U7-U8 Pre-season "sort-out" festivals:

Three pre-season festivals are held for U7-U8 boys and girls only.  These are to help us balance teams for the season to make things more fun for everyone.  All U7-U8 players are asked to attend all of the festivals if possible.  These are straight forward, fun, 4v4 festivals, where the kids simply turn up and play for 45 minutes.    


U7-U8 Girls pre-season festivals:

April 11 - 10:00 AM - Millennium Park Turf field

April 18 - 10:00 AM - Millennium Park Turf field

April 25 - 10:00 AM - Millennium Park Turf field


U7-U8 Boys pre-season festivals:

April 11 - 11:00 AM - Millennium Park Turf field

April 18 - 11:00 AM - Millennium Park Turf field

April 25 - 11:00 AM - Millennium Park Turf field

Player Requirements:
  • Players are required to wear protective shin guards and shoes at all games and practices. Soccer cleats are allowed and recommended at all age groups but not necessary at these ages.
  • FIFA and Onatrio Soccer  (OS) Policy states that all jewellry including, but not limited to earrings and watches must be removed.  Taping earrings is also not allowed.  Jewelry poses an unnecessary risk to all players. 
  • Casts – Hard casts are not permitted.


Please email Polina at admin@ottawatfc.com

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