U13-U18 Morning Strength and Mobility Training

Last updated: August 2019

Program Description

The strength and mobility sessions are extremely beneficial and complimentary to the 5 training sessions that our Elite Academy athletes already do.  Run by some of the most qualified strength and conditioning trainers in the region, the program will magnify the efforts that athletes already put in during their regular soccer training.   It will allow players to train and execute at higher speeds, with more effort and precision, all while reducing their risk of injury.

All Elite Academy players are asked to attend one of the available strength and mobility modules below. 3 options are made available to allow for players to chose the day, time and location that is most convenient for them. 

Non-Elite Academy players are also welcome to participate in the training, if they wish to improve in the physical corner of their game. 


Program Details

Program Information:

Weekly strength and mobility training in the mornings for top athletes in the club. 


East Campus: Francois Dupuis Rec Centre (view map)

Central Campus:  Louis Riel Dome or Titan Gym (view map)


2 semesters of 14 weeks each are offered:

  • Fall: October 21 - February 21, 2020 
  • Spring/Summer: March 23 - July 3, 2020 


Athletes can register for any one of the following times or locations: 

East Campus:

  • Tuesday Sessions - 6:45 am - 7:30 am @ Francois Dupuis

Central Campus:

  • Friday Sessions - 6:45 am - 7:30 am @ Louis Riel Dome
  • Sunday sessions - 10:00 am - 10:45 am @ Titan Gym


Parents please also remember that as Ottawa TFC members you get 20% off gym and pool memberships at all City of Ottawa facilities (including Francois Dupuis where we will be training). 

A number of parents have taken advantage of this, getting their own work-out in, while the kids train, before showering up and hitting the ground running. What an awesome example to set :) 


$140.00 (per semester, per morning selected) 



Please email Roberto@ottawatfc.com if you need more information.