U13-U18 Ottawa TFC Competitive Teams

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Program Description

Ottawa TFC's U13-U18 Competitive teams are amongst the most competitive teams in Eastern Ontario Region, competing at the district and regional competitive levels. Competitive level teams train twice weekly, with an optional third session in Ottawa TFC Skills center   

The competitive program is for committed and talented young athletes who wish to play soccer on a more serious level than the recreational players.  

Ottawa TFC covers a geographic area from Central Ottawa (St.Laurent Area, to the east end), operating mainly out of two campuses:  Central (Pineview park) and East (Millennium Park).  Upon registration, please indicate whether you prefer playing as a "central player" or an "east player".  While the club cannot guarantee that you will play/train at your chosen campus, we will strive to put players on teams that train and play as close to home as possible.  Where possible, entire teams will be formed at either campus, to make the most convenient season for everyone possible.   

As an orientational guide, the main campus for "east" is at Millennium Park, and the main campus for "central" is at Pineview Park, although other fields and parks in those vicinities are still used. 

Program Details

Soccer Age:


Unsure of your age group? 

Season Length:

April to September (competitive games start in May)

Weekly Commitment:

Competitive games once per week starting in May

Training twice weekly

Optional third training - Ottawa TFC Skills Center 

Player Assessments:

Players wishing to join the Academy or Competitive Programs must be evaluated before the season starts.  Begin by registering the player for the appropriate "Base Registration" (ie: U14 Girls - Base Registration) and the "competitive tryout", and plan to attend the appropriate evaluation sessions.

Open Evaluation Dates:

See the 2020 Evaluation Schedule.

Players who are not selected for a Competitive team will be automatically placed in a Recreational team at Ottawa TFC.  A refund may also be requested at that time, should the player not wish to play at the recreational level.  The try-out fee of $50 is

For the Ottawa TFC evaluation policy, click here.


All uniforms and gear are available for purchase through our retailer Evangelista Sports.  Click here for access to the online store.

Sample sizes are available to try on at our Clubhouse during office and equipment hours. 

Important Dates:

Evaluation Dates:


2020 Tryout/Evaluation Fee: $50 (non-refundable)

Base Player Registration Fee: $225 (before March 31st)

  • Please select either "east" (Millennium) or "central" (Pineview) on the Base Player Registration Questionnaire when registering to indicate which campus you prefer to play at.  While we cannot guarantee these preferences, we will strive to honor these requests as much as possible, allowing as many players as possible to play and traing as "locally" to them as possible. 

Non-Volunteer Fee: $50 per family (mandatory refundable fee for volunteering)

Once accepted to the Competitive Program an additional competitive player fee of $325 will apply. 

This fee covers:

  • Training fees
  • Additional field costs
  • Competitive league costs
  • Referee fees
  • Affiliation fees (Ontario Soccer, EODSA, etc).
  • Training shirts
  • Equipment costs
  • Administrative and insurance costs

Pre-Season Fee:  $65 which covers: 

  • Pre-season artificial turf and/or gym training costs.

Team fees: 

  • Team Fees extra and are determined by each team. Team fees typically cover expenses such as tournament/festivals costs, team building, incidental team by team costs, etc. Players will pay this to their Coach or Manager.

Player Requirements:

  • Players are required to wear protective shin guards and shoes at all games and practices.  Soccer cleats are allowed and recommended at all age groups.
  • Ontario Soccer (OS) Policy states that all jewellry including, but not limited to earrings and watches must be removed.  Taping earrings is also not allowed.  Jewelry poses an unnecessary risk to all players. 
  • Casts - hard casts are not permitted. 


U13-U17 Boys - Coach Vlad - Vlad@ottawatfc.com

U13-U17 Girls - Coach Raz - Raz@ottawatfc.com

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