Adult Winter Soccer 2021-2022


Adult Winter Competitive Indoor Soccer 

Men's Competitive League (2004 or older)

Men's Competitive League in dome once weekly.  This highly competitive weekly 7v7 league is home to our Men's Premier, MC1 and graduating Academy players.  Players interested in playing in our first or second teams are asked to join this league. 


Men's and Women's Coliseum League Teams (2004 or older)

Ottawa TFC teams in this program compete in the various local competitive leagues that run out of the coliseum dome.  These teams are appropriate for any graduating or past competitive/regional players who want to play once weekly at a solid competitive level. 

Adult Winter Recreational Indoor Soccer 

Recreational Men's and Women's Dome Leagues 

7v7 recreational leagues for men and women played at Louis Riel Dome on Friday evenings



Gym Membership Discounts - City of Ottawa 


All Ottawa TFC members qualify for a 20% discount on fitness memberships at City of Ottawa facilities.  For details, click here.