U9-U10 Winter Academy

Last updated: August 2019

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Program Description

The Academy program offers the most professionally run development soccer program available to soccer players in Ottawa.  The program boasts an extremely qualified and well educated coaching staff, including several nationally and internationally licensed ccoaches, and a curriculum that includes a heavy emphasis on personal and leadership development, beyond just soccer skills. It is also the only program directly affiliated with Toronto FC, Canada's most successful professional team, with regular visits to our Club from
Toronto FC. 

Program Details


Program Information


Three times per week:

  • Twice in a dome (starting in November)
  • Once in a gym (or dome) (starting in November)
  • Pre-season training is outdoors


Competitive Games: 

U9-U10 teams will play in competitive indoor leagues (7v7 format) on weekends.  

Program Length:

October through March (24 weeks with a 2 week break for Christmas).


Open tryouts in September.

See tryout schedule and details here  


Note: All interested players must register for (and pay) the "Competitive Base Registration" fee prior to the start of evaluations. Following evaluations, all players are placed in a squad/team with players of similar abilities.

Competitive teams train twice weekly (a third session is optional) and play in local competitive leagues.  The Futsal Development teams train once per week in the U9-U16 Winter Technical Training and play in the Ottawa TFC Futsal League.  


(Schedules are subject to change before September 30)

U9-U10 Girls:

Pre-season (October 1 to November 15):

  • Mondays - 5:30 pm @ Millennium Turf
  • Wednesdays - 5:30 pm @ Millennium Turf
  • Saturdays - 10:00 am @ Millennium Park

Main Season (November - March 1)

  • Mondays - 6:30 pm @ Ottawa U Dome
  • Thursdays - 5:30 pm @ Louis Riel Dome
  • Sundays - 2:00 pm @ Louis Riel Dome
  • Games on Saturday mornings (EODSA League - various Ottawa Domes)

U9-U10 Boys:

Pre-season (October 1 to November 15)

  • Mondays - 5:30 pm @ Millennium Turf
  • Wednesdays - 5:30 pm @ Millennium Turf
  • Saturdays -  10:00 am @ Millennium Park

Main Season (November - March 1)

  • Tuesdays -  7:00 pm @ Louis Riel Dome
  • Thursdays - 6:30 pm @ Russell Dome
  • Sundays - 2:00 pm @ Louis Riel Dome
  • Games - Saturday Mornings (EODSA Leauge - various domes)


Competitive uniforms are available through our partner retailer Evangelista Sports.  Click here  to access the online store. 


Before the start of tryouts in September, all players must register for (and pay) the "Competitive Base Registration" fee of $460. This includes a $50 tryout fee.


Note: Additional fees will need to be paid for players who join a Competitive or Academy team.



U8-U10 Girls Staff Coach: Jordan Lundin - Jlundin@ottawatfc.com

U8-U10 Boys Staff Coach: Roberto Di Nuzzo - roberto@ottawatfc.com


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